We gave several samples of Antipoleez to customers at the Old Brass Rail Bar & Grill in Phoenix.

Whether they had one drink or several, after popping an Antipoleez pill bartender Anne Mosely couldn't detect alcohol on the breaths of her customers.

ABC 15 News

My wife hates the smell of alcohol on my breath, she hates it when I drink Period!!! but with this product I have kissed her, on purpose to see if she catches me with the alcohol on my breath, and can you believe it!? nothing she does not have a clue.

Mario, VA

"You have answered my prayers"

David, Alabama

"I love the product!! I go out sometimes during the work week or have a drink on my lunch break and, this product has eliminated the smell of alcohol on my breath it really works!!"

Theresa G, TX

I should admit that I am really grateful to the team that has made such an unbelievable product like AntiPoleez. I had always felt the need for a genuine product that would not just mask alcohol breath but would actually remove it. AntiPoleez is one of a kind product that does exactly this. I have been through many breath fresheners but nothing works like this and gives instant results. I intend to recommend your product to all my friends and family.

Greg, DC


My children dislike the smell of beer and refuse to come near me. Thanks to AntiPoleez I still have my normal breath even after a couple of mugs. AntiPoleez is awesome! I especially like the neutral odor that it leaves in my mouth.

Joe, Kansas


Antipoleez works like a charm. The romance in my life was at an all time low when I just couldn’t stop myself from smoking just before my dates. I was on the verge of losing my relationship as my girlfriend simply couldn’t stand the smell of cigarettes from my breath. She used to hate the smell of my breath and the other mouth fresheners I tried only worsened the situation. That was when I chanced upon AntiPoleez, it was the best thing I have ever tried. It is a real odor buster!

Now my breath is as fresh as ever even just after a smoke and my love life is back on a smooth track like never before.

Mark, NJ


My husband used to hate the breath of onion in my mouth as much as I loved eating it with my favorite dishes. AntiPoleez came to my rescue…just one tablet completely removes the smell of onion from my breath. It is an awesome product and I would highly recommend it!

Maya, New Jersey



I use your product every time I have alcohol. Your product is the best thing I have found. It really works. It completeky removes alcohol breath. Thanks.

Steven, Ohio


As a teenage girl who has taken up smoking and still wants to keep it a secret in the family, I had to go through a lot of anxious moments. I always doubted the effectiveness of other mouth fresheners available in the market. I swear I could always see a hint of doubt on the face of my folks. A friend of mine later introduced me to the wonder product AntiPoleez. It was miraculous! Just one serving in your mouth and your breath is as fresh as ever. I am happy that my days of worry have finally come to an end.

Jennifer, New York


AntiPoleez is great! My cocktail parties are no longer offensive to my family as it eliminates the odor of alcohol completely within seconds.

Kathryn, Florida


I had just eaten my favorite tuna salad sandwich when I was called for an emergency board meeting. I was feeling embarrassed to go in and didn't know what to do! My colleague who also had eaten a tuna sandwich didn't seem to mind at all. I was really surprised and asked her if she was not troubled about the strong smell of tuna in her breath.

It was then that she introduced me to AntiPoleez. AntiPoleez is a magic potion! Just one tablet of this product did the trick. My breath was as fresh as it can be! I strode into the meeting room with much relief and a new confidence.

Carolyn, New York


Poker nights are what I live for during the week. The booze and the bucks simply get on with me and I love the long nights with all the hard drinking. This fun filled weekend gets over only too soon with a nasty Monday morning when I wake up with the stink of booze still in my breath. There are many Mondays when I stayed away from work just because I felt my breath still had smell of alcohol. That was when I tired AntiPoleez given to me by my colleague who learned about my problem during one of our lunch meetings. I had regained a fresh dose of happiness since then and live my life to the fullest. AntiPoleez in one helluva mouth freshener that simply lets you be.

Phil, Connecticut


It’s the best product a business executive like me can ask for. I used to feel pretty embarrassed every time I walked into the conference room after enjoying a smoke. I bet that my colleagues didn’t like the way my breath smelled for I found them usually wanting to sit away from me. Since then I was on the look out for a really effective mouth freshener and have tried almost everything available. My search ended with AntiPoleez. Unlike other mouth fresheners AntiPoleez has the power to remove the odor from my mouth and make me feel fresh.

Douglas, California


Yes they do work. my wife can never tell i been drinking. They are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!